Monday, July 4, 2016

Now Available

The Devourer of Gods is released and now on Amazon. Bagwyn Books let me know late last week.  I have yet to receive a physical copy, so it doesn't quite seem real to me yet.  Anyhoo, this blog will post occasional news, thoughts, and so forth related to the book and to my writing.

An axe age, a sword age, a wind age, a wolf age. Shields shall be cloven…
Cover Image                The Devourer of Gods weaves the tapestry of an alternate Viking North America soaked in blood and magic. Pagans and Christians clash with ship and shield-wall, unaware of the supernatural menace that hungers for them. When his son departs on a doomed raid against the natives, the Norse chieftain Jörund must confront the seeress Gudhrun Grimswidow and the sorcerous allies he once betrayed. In the city of St Brendan, the Marklander  woman Maria-Abit finds conspiracy and mystery in the court of her king. Can they uncover and defeat the Devourer of Gods?


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